Letter from the Program Director

We need to turn the tide on voter participation in Memphis. Tennessee has some of the worst turnout in the nation and our current electoral system shuts people out of the process.Traditional first-past-the-post elections disenfranchise voters at every turn, by splitting the initial vote or forcing voters to vote again in runoff elections where the turnout skews disproportionately in favor of middle- and upper-class neighborhoods.

Ranked Choice voting is an achievable and effective solution to this problem.Memphis has made;significant progress towards this goal and Nashville isn’t far behind.  We are working with the Tennessee legislature to eliminate all hurdles to implementation.

We recently attended the Unrig Summit in Nashville where we had the opportunity to share our message and mission with ordinary people from across the country, including hundreds of people in Tennessee. Voters from Memphis to Chattanooga want to change their elections. And they need our help. Will you join the electoral reform movement by making a monthly or one-timecontribution to Ranked Choice Tennessee? Your contribution ensures increased voter participation. Our average donor gives $40. Can you help us today? Your commitment to fair elections keeps our efforts alive.

Please make sure to share our newsletters and social media with your friends. Or stop by our office, pick up some advocacy cards and then have your friends sign them. These cards are great representations of a physical constituency.

You can also support the movement by participating in the People’s Convention 2.0 Agenda survey and indicate that you “Strongly Agree to using RCV in Memphis municipal elections”. It’s the last question.

Thank you and be sure to stay in touch.


Aaron  Fowles
Program Director
Ranked Choice Tennessee

Ranked Choice Voting – Nashville Fundraiser – March 29, 2019