Who We Are

Ranked Choice Tennessee envisions a future where more Tennesseans can participate in elections using ranked choice voting (RCV). Our activities fall into two main categories: civic education and advocacy. We work with election administrators, policy makers and the public to share best practices and help facilitate successful RCV elections.

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The Memphis Story

In 2008, Memphis voters approved RCV for municipal elections by a landslide. RCV was set to take effect in 2011, but the Shelby County Election Commission delayed implementation for another 8 years. In 2018, as the county finally prepared to implement RCV, the Memphis City Council attempted to repeal it with a referendum to amend the city charter. Voters resoundly confirmed RCV by rejecting the repeal.

In early 2019, the appointed state elections coordinator argued against RCV from a technical standpoint, creating chaos and confusion for Memphis and other Tennessee municipalities considering these election reforms, including Nashville.

As the October Memphis Municipal election approaches, the Tennessee General Assembly should confirm the legality of RCV. HB 599 / SB 970 is strictly permissive, simply giving the option to implement RCV.

How RCV works